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Transform your horse's hair with BioMane Grooming Products


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Why use the BioMane Grooming Kit?

Proper equine hair care requires the right products and the right techniques. The BioMane Grooming Kit gives you what you need to start caring for your horse's mane, tail, and coat properly.

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BioMane Grooming Products

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What our customers say


My favorite supplies ever! Keeps my horses hair long shiny and smelling delicious 😍❤️


These products smell amazing! They made my horse so shiny and smell so good! The grooming gloves I use when I give my horse a bath they do an amazing job!


I absolutely love this product. Horses hair is soft and silky. So easy to comb it out and the smell is so good I’m thinking of using it on my own hair.


I really like the grooming kit. Everything i need comes with it. The mane and tail are smooth and smell amazing. Told my friends and ahowed them the results and they loved it. The detangler wlrks amazing. I use it on both my horses. And it just makes their hair smooth and since i shower them once a week, their hair doesnt get tangled easily. has worked. Until I tried one month supply of Biomane pellets. I’m finally seeing growth in his mane and major iRead more about review stating Miracle!mprovement with the rubbing! As an added bonus, he coat and tail are way healthier, and he loves it! 


Trying the product at first because of the social media video. Only took one use before I got addicted. I absolutely swear by the set. My mare’s mane is so soft and voluptuous. The results last about two weeks after use. My hands also feel so soft after massaging it into her mane. Did I mention that the coconut smell makes my section of Read more about review stating Addicting the tack room smell fantastic!! I bought the shampoo and conditioner set for ALL my barn friends!! Needless to say I’m a return customer for life.


I love these products especially the detangler! I live in michigan and don’t have the ability to safely bath my horse in the winter. So using the detangler is totally helping us get to spring! I’m seeing a huge difference already!

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