Am I Attaching the Tailbag in the Right Spot?

Am I Attaching the Tailbag in the Right Spot?

Something we frequently see are tailbags being attached too high or too low on the tail, which can lead to:

  • Hair damage
  • Discomfort 
  • Rubbing
  • More dirt and debris in the tail
  • Tailbags being stepped on and ripped out
Here's How to Find the Best Attachment Location:

1. Feed the tail into the tailbag - Feed the bottom of the tail into the tailbag and if necessary, gently fold the tail into the bag if the tail is longer than the tailbag

2. Find the end of the tailbone & Separate the hair 2 inches below the tailbone - This is the most important step. The tailbag should be attached about 2 inches below the tailbone so find that spot and make a good clean separation in the hair for the velcro straps to be attached

3. Attach the velcro straps - Bring the back velcro through the separation you just made in step 2, fold the back velcro down and attach the front velcro strap to the folded down back velcro strap

4. Make sure no hair is in the velcro - We want to protect that beautiful hair you're working so hard to grow, so double check to make sure no hair is caught in the velcro after completing step 3

Watch our YouTube Short on how we properly apply a Tailbag Here
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