Am I Braiding the Mane Too Tight?

Am I Braiding the Mane Too Tight?

Knowing the answer to this question is the difference between a long mane and a happy horse, versus an irritated horse with a less than ideal mane

Here's What To Check:

1. Are the first 4-5 crosses of your mane braids loose or tight? - We strongly recommend that the first 4-5 crosses of each braid is loose. If the first few crosses are tight, then your horse will feel tension at the roots of the mane (where the mane grows from), and this will lead to tension in the neck, rubbing, hitting, and hair damage

2. Is the middle and end of each braid loose or snug? - Once you get to the middle and end of each braid, begin to tighten up the braids so that it lasts (snug, but not too tight)

3. Is your horse comfortable and do the mane braids last? -  If your horse isn't rubbing or irritated and your braids last 7-10 days, you've got it down! Braiding this way will lead to optimal mane growth AND keep your horse happy. Win win

Watch our how to YouTube Short on how we start and finish mane braids Here

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