Best Method for Conditioning the Tail

Best Method for Conditioning the Tail

If you’re trying to find the best way to condition your horse’s tail, look no further! 

Here's Our Method

1. Wash and shampoo your horses tail - see our tutorial here

2. Let the tail fully dry - don't skip this step or braiding will be harder

3. Brush and braid the tail - see our tutorial here

4. Use BioMane Conditioner and apply a long bead of conditioner on your horse's tail braid and massage it into the braid - watch our tutorial here

5. Make sure to massage the conditioner into the tips of the tail below the bottom of the braid

6. Massage any leftover conditioner into the tail above the top of the braid

7. Attach a Tailbag - see our tutorial here

 This method will help you braid faster, keep conditioner from going everywhere, properly condition the tail, and create a longer lasting braid 

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