Should I Braid Manes in Small or Large Sections?

Should I Braid Manes in Small or Large Sections?

The way you braid your horse’s mane dramatically affects the growth of your horse's mane

Here are the 3 issues we see if you’re braiding the mane in too big of sections:

1. Movement of the neck pulls hair too tight - As your horse extends its head to eat, its neck will stretch forward and pull on the mane. This can cause a lot of strain and damage at the roots of the hair

2. Bigger sections lead to even more pulling - The bigger those sections are tied into the one braid, the more pull and damage you’re going to find on your horse’s mane

3. Increase in rubbing - Another issue that we tend to see is rubbing. If your horse's mane is being pulled, it’s going to irritate the skin near the roots of the mane and horse's will try to rub those spots to loosen that strain they feel 

That’s why we recommend:

1. Braiding in smaller sections = more hair growth - Our suggestion is approximately 2 inch sections. Although braiding in smaller sections can take a bit more time, it’s going to give your horse's mane the best chance to grow as long as possible while also keeping your horse as comfortable as possible

Watch our YouTube Short on how we section the mane here

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