Can Braiding the Tail Too Tight Cause Damage?

Can Braiding the Tail Too Tight Cause Damage?

A lot of you have wondered if braiding the tail too tight would cause any damage? Our answer is yes!

Here’s why. Braiding a horse's tail too tightly can cause a great deal of discomfort, as well as long-term damage. When a horse's tail is braided too tightly, it can cut off circulation to the tail, resulting in a condition called "tail rub." Over time, the tail rub can lead to hair loss, swelling, and scarring in the affected area, which can be difficult to treat. Also, really tight braiding can cause pain when the tail is moved. If you’re wanting to grow a long and healthy tail, this is problematic. 

You’ll find that similar to braiding the mane, it is important to braid loosely at the top of the braid, and to check the tension of the braid regularly. Here are two recommendations to avoid these issues.

Tip #1: Start the tail braid below the tailbone

If the braid starts above the tailbone, there is a higher chance of tail rub and irritation.

Tip #2: Make tail braid loose at the top and tighter at the bottom

Start with a few looser crosses, about four or five, and then tighten the braid up as you get to the bottom.

We have found that these two techniques keep the braids in place longer and prevent irritation and rubbing. 

Watch our tutorial here, and don't forget to put that braid in a tailbag

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