Can I Feed BioMane to My Mini or Pony?

Can I Feed BioMane to My Mini or Pony?

You may have wondered as you’ve fed and watched your horse progress on BioMane Equine pellets, “Can I feed this to my other horses? Including mini’s or ponies?” The short answer is yes!

When it comes to smaller horses, it’s perfectly fine to feed one scoop a day of BioMane. We treat our own mini, Waco, just like a regular sized horse when it comes to his own portion of BioMane Equine Pellets. The reason for that is the concentrate is water soluble, and whatever our smaller ponies don’t utilize it will just pass through their system.

You can watch videos of our pony that uses BioMane here and here and see how well BioMane improved mane and tail growth. BioMane Equine Pellets work for all different types of horses, so use it with every horse you have!


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