Replace Curry Combs, Shedding Brushes, and Body Brushes with One Tool

Replace Curry Combs, Shedding Brushes, and Body Brushes with One Tool

We have a new tool that we are excited to share with everyone! Our new Grooming Tool  is our go to for coat care and it has replaced a curry comb, shedding brush, and a soft body brush.

Watch our tutorial on how we use the Grooming Tool here

Here is how the Grooming Tool works:

1. Do not brush manes and tails with the Grooming Tool: Raise your hand if you’re guilty of using a curry comb or shedding brush on your horse’s mane or tail. We’ve all seen it done before, but a curry comb, shedding brush, body brush and our grooming tool can cause real damage to your horse’s long shiny locks. Curry combs and shedding brushes are solely meant to be used on your horse’s coat. Use a mane and tail brush on manes and tails, it's worth it!

2. Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle of our grooming tool means less hand cramps for you, which is always a plus

3. What we use this tool for: We use this tool to remove dirt, debris, shedding hair, sweat marks, and pretty much any other reason for needing to brush your horse's coat. It can be used on heavy caked on mud, matted hair from sweat, and dirt on your horses face, coat, belly, and legs. We use this tool year round on all of our horses coats

4. What makes this tool unique: We designed the teeth of the grooming tool to be agressive enough to grab onto the hair of your horse so it can clean up any dirt, debris, or sweat, but also made those teeth gentle enough so they don't cause any discomfort of harm to your horse. The goal of this brush is to leave your horse's coat smoother, cleaner, and softer.

5. The Grooming Tool can be used anywhere on a horses coat and body: The grooming tool can safely be used anywhere on your horse's coat, flank, under the belly, center of the belly, knees, hairline over the hoof, shins, tendons, forehead, snout, muzzle, lips, nose, and chin hair! You heard us right, you can use this from head to toe and your horse will not feel discomfort or even flinch! See why we want everyone to try it out?  

6. You Can't Use This Tool Incorrectly: You may be thinking this works but I might mess this up and use the tool wrong. Incorrect. The grooming tool can brush with the hair, against the hair, with a little pressure, and with a good amount of pressure without causing discomfort, harm, or even a flinch! 

7. How to clean the tool: To clean the Grooming Tool, simply blow off the dirt and debris that is in the teeth of the tool or use your fingers if the dirt and debris is wet. That's it. 

This is why the Grooming Tool has replaced all other body tools for us. It can do any job a curry comb, shedding brush, and body brush can do without causing your horse discomfort or harm. 

Give our Grooming Tool a try and let us know what tools it replaces for you! 

And if you don't believe us that this tool can do it all, watch our tutorial here to see us brush every inch of multiple horses without a flinch.

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