Curry Combs Are for Coats

Curry Combs Are for Coats

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of using a curry comb on your horse’s tail. Is your hand raised? Then this article is for you! We’ve all seen it done before, but curry combs can cause real damage to your horse’s mane and tail because they are solely meant to be used on your horse’s coat.

Here Are 2 Reasons Why:

1. Too Rigid - It may seem convenient as you finish off brushing down your horse’s coat to go ahead and quickly brush the mane and tail, but avoid the temptation! Curry combs are too rigid mane and tails, and manes and tails that are bushed by curry combs tend to be thin and sparse at the ends.

2. Not Designed for Manes & Tails - Damaging and breaking the hair you are working so hard to grow with BioMane Equine Pellets can be ruined by using the wrong brush, so remember to set your curry comb down and use a mane and tail brush when working on manes and tails! You’ll see your horse’s hair thrive as soon as that rigid brush is no longer used on the mane and tail.

If you would like to use a brush that has replaced our need for curry combs on coats, check out our BioMane Grooming Tool! Watch our tutorial about our Grooming Tool Here

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