How Long Until I See Results Feeding BioMane?

How Long Until I See Results Feeding BioMane?

It’s natural to see photos of beautiful horses using BioMane Equine Pellets and wonder, “When will I see results like that with horse?” We are confident that as you consistently feed the product over 90 days, you will notice the difference. 

Something to keep in mind as you consider how long it may take, is that each horse is going to be different in their progress because each horse grows hair at different speeds. We guarantee that your horse will grow hair faster on BioMane than it can on its own. BioMane will improve your horse’s appearance in the following ways between days 30 and 90 when you consistently feed the product:

  • Growth in the mane, tail, and forelock
  • Coat color and coat shine; pay attention to how the coat shines up!

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve reached the 30 days and you haven’t seen drastic changes yet. Keep feeding BioMane! Some horses may take a little longer due to their hair growth speed, and the first 30 days is just the beginning to the improvements you’ll see in your horse!

BioMane bridges the gap nutritionally on what your horse is getting and what your horse needs for an optimal mane and tail. So as long as you're consistently feeding BioMane we guarantee you’ll begin to see results in 30 to 90 days.

Watch our video on what to expect after 30 days - here

Watch our podcast on how to keep a healthy and shiny coat - here

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