How to Grow the Longest Mane and Tail Possible

How to Grow the Longest Mane and Tail Possible

Many of you may be wondering, HOW do I help my horse grow the longest mane and tail possible? Here are our 5 thoughts on it. 

1. Feed BioMane - BioMane is a supplement designed to specifically improve mane and tail growth if your horse is properly nourished through its diet. If your horses diet isn't providing enough nourishment, BIoMane will assist in making up the difference throughout the body of your horse and less improvement will be seen in the mane and tail growth of your horse.  

2. Proper Nutrition - feed your horse a great diet! A great diet combined with feeding BioMane daily maximizes your horse's ability to grow the longest mane and tail possible. It’s so important that your horse is meeting its nutritional needs, otherwise BioMane won’t be doing much other than compensating for what your horse is lacking in its diet.

3. Maintenance Tools - if you've put in all this work to properly feed your horse and feed BioMane daily, don't skimp on the tools used on that mane and tail or you're going to lose all that hair you worked so hard to grow! We recommend that you use a tailbag, our Mane and Tail brush, our braiding tape so that you can keep that mane and tail secured and damage free. Here's why our brush is the best in the game. 

4. Washing, Conditioning, Braiding - Another aspect of maintaining your horse is washing, conditioning and braiding the mane and tail. If you’re doing this routine every 7-10 days along with using great maintenance tools, your horse’s hair will thrive! Washing conditioning and braiding is great way to keep the mane and tail from getting tangled, matted, or pulled out. If your horse’s hair gets knotted too much, it’s going to be a lot easier to pull and break as you brush. Keeping they hair supple with conditioner and detangler is  key! Here's our full washing tutorial. 

5. Genetics - And finally, something we don’t talk about often is the role genetics has to play in growing a longer mane and tail. Some horses in general, like Friesian and Gypsy’s, are just going to grow more hair, because of the type of horse they are.That’s why we really recommend pictures of before and after. The best way to see the progress your horse will make, is by comparing it to itself. BioMane will help any horse grow hair regardless of the type of horse, it will just be different depending on the genetics. Check out the mane we grew on our Appaloosa here

“Let food *and BioMane* be thy medicine, and let medicine *and BioMane* be thy food.” 

*PLUS use good tools, wash regularly, and always compare your horse's results to itself*

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