How to Maintain a Healthy Shiny Coat

How to Maintain a Healthy Shiny Coat

There is nothing better to us than a horse with a long full mane, thick tail and a shiny coat!

You may be wondering as you work on growing that beautiful mane and tail though, am I doing everything I can to to help my horse have the shiniest coat possible?

Here are our best tips:

1. Good quality feed: This may seem obvious, but it is number one. Your horse needs all the right nutrients for a shiny coat. You are what you eat, and your horse is no exception to that rule, which is why good quality feed is our first tip

2. Feed BioMane Daily: One additional benefit of feeding a scoop a day of BioMane is that your horse's coat will be slick and shiny without causing your horse to hair up. BioMane won't make your horse shed off, but it will keep your horse's coat slick and shiny all year long

3. Avoid Excess Sun Exposure: Along with proper nutrition, keeping your horse out of the sun is key. A horse’s coat can easily be damaged in the sun without protection just like our skin. Too much sun can cause the coat color to dull, which can cause a black horse to look like a bay or a brown horse. If shade isn’t an option, try UV protected fly sheets. It can be a little more work because you’ll need to make sure that the sheet isn't causing irritation or rubbing, but a comfortable UV protected fly sheet is a much better alternative to sun damage!

4. Check for underlying issues: If your horse’s coat has been dull for a long period of time, check for underlying issues. A dull coat for extended periods of time can be a sign of poor health and your veterinarian may be able to help

5. Nutrition Solutions >> Topical Solutions: Superficial sprays to get a good shine on a horse, but great nutrition and avoiding excessive sun exposure will help your horse shine from the inside out on its own. We promise that a shiny coat from good nutrition will look better than any spray you can find on the market

Watch our podcast episode on shiny coats Here

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