How to Properly Work Through Knots In The Mane

How to Properly Work Through Knots In The Mane

Long manes look amazing, there's no doubt about it! But getting knots and snarls in a long mane is pretty much inevitable! And if you've got a horse who's anything like Chrome, the queen of shaking her head, you know how real that struggle can be.

When it comes to knots in the mane and tail, the number one rule to live by is to NEVER brush through them. You'll end up doing a lot more harm than good and ultimately ripping out hair. Instead, work through them with your hands. Check out how we work through the knots we encounter while brushing through Chrome's mane:

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Is it important for the horses growth to keep a tail bag on them or is it just for when you go out and don’t want to be on a horse with an uncovered bob-tail?

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