Introducing Water to the Face

Introducing Water to the Face

It can take time for your horse to get used to having its face washed, so here are out tips for how we help our horses get used to water on their faces

Tips for Introducing Water to the Face

  1. Follow the halter line - We recommend that you spray water on the halter line when washing faces. This will keep water out of the really sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and ears
  2. Start by spraying water under the chin - Starting with water under the chin is a good first place to start to show them that the water is okay and it isn't a danger to their face
  3. Move from under the chin up to the area of the nose where the halter sits - Once you move the water up on the upper nose area, use that water running up and down the upper nose area to clean the forehead and nose. Nostrils can be rinsed out with the water running down from the upper nose area
  4. Avoid spraying directly in the eyes, nose, and ears - Avoid the eyes, nose, nostrils, and ears when washing

Watch our how to YouTube Short on how we introduce water to the face Here

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