Properly Working Through Knots - Takes Time but Saves Lots of Hair

Properly Working Through Knots - Takes Time but Saves Lots of Hair

It can be really common to start brushing through your horse’s mane and tail and suddenly come across big snarls or knots that cause a lot of resistance. There can be nothing more frustrating as a horse owner!

The first instinct is to comb it out, right? Wrong. Here's our approach that will save your horse's mane and tail. 

When you're combing through your horse’s mane or tail with our brush, follow these steps as soon as you feel the tug of a knot:

1. Put the brush down - tugging or bullying through that hair with a brush will likely damage or break the hair. Trying to take your comb through the tangled mess is only going to cause more opposition.

2. Massage Detangler into the knotted hair - put some detangler in your hands and rub it into the affected area of hair to start loosening things up

3. Slowly work through the knot with your hands by starting  below the knot and working your way up - separating those knots and snarls by hand may seem tedious, but it will save all that hair you're working so hard to grow.

4. Grab your BioMane brush and the once knotted hair will brush right through!

You’ll find it’s the quickest way to properly work through knots without damaging or breaking hair. Click here to watch us do this with our horses 

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