Preventing Manes & Tails From Sun Damage

Preventing Manes & Tails From Sun Damage

It’s almost summertime and that means the scorching sun is starting to beat down on your horse’s beautiful mane and tail, and the last thing you want is a sun damaged mane and tail! Our secret? Wash frequently and keep that hair conditioned and hydrated every 7 to 10 days.

Our Pro Tips

1. Wash the mane and tail frequently: We suggest washing and re-braiding your horse’s mane and tail every 7-10 days. If you’re using your horse a lot and allowing your horse to roll around after you’ve finished riding, roping, or showing them, you’re going to want to wash the mane and tail more frequently. 

2. Don't be afraid to wash earlier than every 7-10 days if the mane and tail need it: If you haven’t quite gotten to the 7 day mark, but your horse’s mane or tail is starting to look sun damaged, don’t be afraid to wash and re-braid the mane and tail earlier. Washing and braiding your horse often will not harm your horse's hair at all. Even washing a few days in a row won’t cause any harm to the mane or tail (although washing that often over a long period of time may not be beneficial, so use your best judgement). 

3. Extra Time & Care = Best Results: We know putting in the time to wash and braid your horse’s mane and tail can seem like a lot of work, but if you’re able to keep up on the maintenance it’s worth it! It will also save your horse's mane and tail from getting damaged by the summer sun. All of your hard work will pay off when you see that mane and tail has stayed shiny and beautiful all summer long! 

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