Should I Let Manes & Tails Dry Before Brushing & Braiding?

Should I Let Manes & Tails Dry Before Brushing & Braiding?

Short Answer: Yes! Always!

Here's Why:

1. Less Work For You & Less Damaged Hair: You should absolutely let manes and tails dry before brushing and braiding! Did you know that if you’re brushing your horse’s mane or tail while it’s wet, you’re not only making it harder on yourself, but you also could be damaging your horse’s mane and tail too?

2. Less Friction When Brushing: If you don’t wait for your horse’s mane and tail to dry, you'll notice a lot more friction as you work through the hair

3. Hair Brushes Smoothly: Brushing wet manes and tails increases your chances of the brush getting caught in the mane and tail, which means pulling and breaking the hair as you go

4. Less Tension on the hair: Once dry, you’ll notice how easy it is to untangle those luscious locks without stretching or adding unnecessary tension on the hair.

It takes patience to wait for manes and tails to dry, but we promise it will create a much more enjoyable experience for you!

If you need ideas of what to do while you wait for hair to dry, one idea is to watch videos on our YouTube or TikTok accounts

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