Should I Use Braiding Tape to Secure Braids During the Summer?

Should I Use Braiding Tape to Secure Braids During the Summer?

Should I use Braiding Tape to secure braids in the summer? 

Short Answer: YES

We use braiding tape all year long! Summers for our horses in Southern Utah, Nevada, and Arizona are very hot. We think that even in the hottest temps, braiding tape is a must. 

If you do find some tape residue in your horse's hair due to either hot temps or leaving the tape in for too long, don't stress because tape residue easily washes out and will not create any issues for your horse's hair because it will wash right out.

Here's What To Do:

1. Take off the braiding tape

2. Brush through the section of hair that has the residue with your mane and tail brush (we like to brush that hair against our leg)

3. Use shampoo and wash the section of the mane or tail that has tape residue

4. Let the hair dry and the hair will be ready to be braided and taped again

*See our demonstration video below 

We recommend using braiding tape year round if you want your horses to grow the longest manes and tails possible, so don't let the heat of summer deter you!

Watch our braiding tape tutorial here

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