Types of Brushes that will Ruin Your Horse’s Mane & Tail

Types of Brushes that will Ruin Your Horse’s Mane & Tail

The brush that is used on your horse's mane and tail will play a huge role in helping your horse's mane and tail growth.

We know the right answer when it comes to which brush to use (hint: it's ours, and here's a video about why) 

We also want everyone to know which brushes you should never use on your horse's mane and tail so you can save your horse's mane and tail before it's too late!  (Click here to watch the video version)

  1. Aluminum Metal Comb/Brush: We’re telling you right now, metal is no good! There is no give to it. While it may seem like it’s doing a good job because it’s getting through your horse’s hair, it’s only pulling the hair out.
  2. Red Plastic Comb: This comb has very few teeth to it, so it’s not going to do a great job of separating the hair strands. Constant use of something like this will continue to pull hair out as well.
  3. Giant Blue Plastic Comb/Brush: This will be similar to the red comb, there just aren’t many teeth to it, so it’s not actually doing a great job of brushing those individual strands of hair, and the plastic will pull into that hair too much.
  4. The Common Brush: This brush is used quite often. It’s got what appears to be a softer appearance with beads on the ends, but really those bristles on the brush are very thick and will pull the hair out as well. As you brush if you’re hearing a loud sound that goes along with it, that’s a sure sign that brush is pulling!
  5. ”Metal Zen Garden Rake”: Although this brush is meant to be used as a show steer comb, we’ve seen it used on horses. We believe this is a huge mistake! It’s way too brash to be used on your horse’s hair.
  6. Brushes that look like ours, but aren't ours: while the handle and bristles look somewhat similar to our own brush, the bristles are still solid plastic and pull too much for your horse’s mane or tail.

Overall, the goal when brushing your horse’s hair is to not rip through those knots, but to stop when you hit a snarl or tangle. When the BioMane brush runs into a knot or snarl, it stops. It's beautiful and that's why it's the only brush we recommend using on manes and tails. 

Pro Tip you didn't ask for, but it can be helpful: When you encounter knots and snarls, remember to put the brush down and work through them gently with your hands using a dollop of detangler

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