Where to Start Braiding the Tail

Where to Start Braiding the Tail

Starting the tail braid in the right spot will:

    • Increase the durability of the braid
    • Help tailbags stay in better
    • Be more comfortable for your horse
Here's Where to Start Braiding the Tail
  1. Find the tailbone
  2. Start braiding right below the tailbone
  3. Keep the first 4 to 5 crosses loose - If the first few crosses are too tight, your horse will feel tension at the roots of the tail and this leads to rubbing, irritation, and hair damage 
  4. Start tightening the braids up after the first 4 to 5 crosses - Once you get to the middle of the braid, begin to tighten up the braid so that it lasts longer while in the tailbag (snug, but not too tight)

Watch our YouTube Short on how we start braiding the tail Here

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