Where to Stop Braiding Your Horse’s Mane & Tail

Where to Stop Braiding Your Horse’s Mane & Tail

Have you ever wondered at what point you should stop braiding your horse’s mane or tail before taping or putting on a tailbag? Or have you wondered if it really matters? We have and got 2 pro tips for you.

1. Don't braid too far down. Avoid braiding clear to the end of the strand where it becomes really thin because the braid won't stay in and there isn't enough hair for the tape to hold on to. So remember, stop braiding where the hair thins out. 

2. Don't stop braiding too high. Stopping the braid too high in the hair will cause the hair to be more susceptible to the elements or getting caught or snagged. So remember, stopping too high may expose that hair to risks that could damage or pull it out. 

Check out our videos to see where we stop braiding on our horse's manes and tails

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