Double Velcro Tailbag Strap = Perfection

Double Velcro Tailbag Strap = Perfection

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One of the many features that we love about our tailbags is its double velcro strap that attaches to a horse's tail.

Here's the number one reason why it works perfectly on a tailbag:

  • Protects your horses tail hair - Since the tailbag is not tied to the tail, the seams of the velcro strap will tear if the tailbag is stepped on or gets snagged. This feature will help the tailbag come out safely without damaging any hair 

If this happens to your horse and the velcro strap tears off, we recommend to sew the velcro strap back on. We’ve been able to do that to ours and it has worked great. Another quick fix is to get ahold of us right away and we will be happy to send you a new one. 

Velcro is the way, and if you're not using our tailbag, get one today! 

Click here to watch our tutorial on how to properly attach our tailbag

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