Why Using a Tailbag Saves You Time, Money, and Tears

Why Using a Tailbag Saves You Time, Money, and Tears

Tailbags are an important piece of equipment for any horse owner. Here are 6 reasons why using a tailbag saves you time, money, and tears if you want to grown a long and healthy tail. 

  1. Protects a horse's tail from dirt, mud, and other debris while being ridden or turned out
  2. Keeps the tail clean and free of tangles and knots, which can cause discomfort and even health issues if left unattended
  3. Protects the tail when riding in a muddy or wet environment by providing a barrier against dirt and mud 
  4. Keeps the tail neat and tidy during turns and stops
  5. Protects the tail from sunburn and drying out by providing a barrier from the the sun’s harsh rays, which keeps the tail moisturized and healthy
  6. Prevents tangles and knots when traveling

We recommend that all horse owners use tailbags, and highly recommend our tailbag. BioMane Tailbags are made of durable material, secured by two velcro straps, and have additional fabric straps that allow a horse to use its tail to defend against flies while wearing the tailbag. Do you and your horse a favor and always use a tailbag. 

Watch our podcast on why every horse should wear a tailbag here, and watch a tutorial on how to attach a BioMane Tailbag here

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