Why You Need to Tightly Secure Your Horse’s Braids

Why You Need to Tightly Secure Your Horse’s Braids

It can be quite the process when you’re washing, drying, brushing, and braiding your horse’s mane and then the braids don't stay in! A lot people have asked us what they need to do to make this process easier. 

Our Recommendation: Make Tightly Secured Braids

However, you don't want to make your braids too tight. Braiding a horse's mane too tight can be dangerous for both you and your horse. Really tight braiding at the top of the mane can cause the hair to break, leading to painful areas on a horse's neck and head. Additionally, tight braids can restrict a horse's movement, leading to discomfort while riding. This can cause a horse to become agitated and difficult to control. For these reasons, it is important to ensure that mane braids are not too tight at the top of the braid. 

Tightly secured braids = Tight Braid + Braiding Tape 

Braiding tape can’t stay in if the hair is braided too loosely at the bottom of the braid and it is more challenging to tape. As you braid your horse’s hair, make sure you are making the braid tighter towards the bottom. When the bottom of the braid is tight, you'll find that it's much easier to secure it with tape and the braid will stay in longer.

Tighter braid leads to more secure tape, more secure tape leads to longer lasting braids, and longer lasting braids leads to a less damaged mane. A less damaged mane leads more mane for your horse and less headache for you. Win, win. 

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