Why Your Horse’s Tailbag should be Lightweight and Durable

Why Your Horse’s Tailbag should be Lightweight and Durable

One of our favorite features of our BioMane tailbags is how lightweight and durable they are! Here are some benefits of a lightweight and durable tailbag.

1. Less Weight = Less Irritation: The reason we designed a lightweight tailbag was because we didn’t want a lot of weight hanging on the horse’s tail and causing irritation, which leads to rubbing

2. Less Weight = More Comfort: We wanted our lightweight tailbag to be slick and durable, which makes your horse more comfortable. The more comfortable a horse is, the less they will rub, and less rubbing saves a lot of hair

3. Embroidery Improves Durability: We used embroidery instead of screen printing on our tailbag because it increased durability. Embroidery can better withstand your horse’s tail flicking around without any cracking or peeling that often occurs in screen printed areas. 

The tailbag you use matters, so make sure you choose a lightweight and durable one that will keep your horse comfortable and hold up to daily wear and tear. 

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