Will BioMane Make My Horse’s Coat Grow?

Will BioMane Make My Horse’s Coat Grow?

It's almost that time of year to show off your horse’s beautiful mane and tail! It’s been common for some to wonder, with BioMane’s amazing results growing my horse’s hair, is BioMane going to cause an unnaturally fuller coat? We know that can be a concern, especially during the hot summer months when your horse should be shedding their extra hair!

1. BioMane is specifically formulated for manes and tails. We have found that it won’t make a horse's coat any thicker than an average healthy horse

2. BioMane will make your horse's coat slick and shiny, but it will not cause your horse to hair up

You may notice hair growing around spots that are damaged infections and/or rubbing, but that is simply because BioMane is designed to help grow hair back in a healthy way! However, BioMane will not grow hair back in a place that may be scarred or damaged permanently, but it will assist in helping hair grow back in areas that are still capable of growing hair.

Have no fear about feeding BioMane all year and keep sending us pictures of those long manes and tails! 

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