5 Quick Tips For Conditioning Your Horse’s Tail

5 Quick Tips For Conditioning Your Horse’s Tail

(Video available at bottom) Conditioning your horse's tail isn't rocket science. That being said, there are some best practices and helpful techniques for doing so, especially before attaching a BioMane Tailbag to your horse's tail. Here are 5 quick tips we have to help you properly condition your horse's tail:

1. Use the BioMane Conditioner or the Conditioner of Your Choice

We recommend using the new BioMane Conditioner or conditioner of your choice. All we're trying to do is keep your horse's tail soft and clean, and we want to prevent it from drying out. When the hair on your horse's tail gets dry, it becomes more brittle and more susceptible to breakage. The BioMane Conditioner is simple and penetrates the hair and provides nourishment to keep hair healthy and hydrated.

2. There's Nothing Wrong with Conditioning After You Braid

If you condition your horse's tail prior to braiding, you are likely to have a messier braid, and you will likely have a hard time holding that braid together. When conditioning, your hands get slick, your horse's tail gets slick, and it often makes braiding more difficult than it has to be. We don't see any problem with braiding first and applying conditioner second. Use a sufficient amount of conditioner, work it in with your hands, and that conditioner should work its way into your horse's tail just fine.

3. Never Be Afraid to Use A Lot of Conditioner

Don't be bashful when applying conditioner to your horse's tail! A lot of conditioner goes a long way! Run a thick bead of conditioner down the center of the braid and work it in with your hands. You should have plenty of excess conditioner as you work your way down the tail. Catch that excess and simply reapply it. Turn the tail over and repeat the process by running a bead down the back of your horse's tail braid. Focus on the portion of the tail that has been braided and that will be protected by your BioMane Tailbag.

4. Be Sure to Saturate the Ends of the Tail with Conditioner

It's important that you really saturate the ends of the tail with conditioner. If any part of your horse's tail is subject to breakage, it's the ends. These ends can become delicate. Keeping them thoroughly conditioned will go a long way in protecting them and helping you see the growth that has occurred while your horse has been eating BioMane Equine Pellets.

5. Avoid Saturating the Tail Where It's Not Protected by the BioMane Tailbag

With some of the excess conditioner you use, apply conditioner to the top of the tail -- the unbraided portion that won't be kept inside your tailbag. Please note: we discourage applying a lot of conditioner to this portion of the tail. Being outside of the BioMane Tailbag, this part of the tail is more susceptible to collecting dust, dirt, and debris. When horses rub their tails, they typically rub the top of the tail. You will help prevent irritation caused by a dusty, dirty tail if you do not saturate the top of your horse's tail with conditioner. This will reduce the desire for your horse to persistently rub. Conditioning your horse's tail is just one step in proper equine hair care. BioMane Equine Pellets provide horses with the proper nutrition they need for optimum equine mane and tail growth. Additionally, the BioMane How To Series was created to provide top-quality hair care instruction for horse owners around the world. To check out more articles from the BioMane How To Series, CLICK HERE.

VIDEO: How To Properly Condition Your Horse’s Tail

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Never knew to condition after braiding thank you.

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