8 Tips For Properly Braiding Your Horse’s Tail

8 Tips For Properly Braiding Your Horse’s Tail

(Video Available at Bottom of Page) In order for you to get the most out of your investment in BioMane Equine Pellets, it's important that you properly brush, braid, and care for your horse's mane and tail. BioMane Equine Pellets are proven to support horses' mane and tail growth and optimize horses' hair health. However, a few BioMane users have struggled to see their expected results simply because of improper mane or tail care. There are a lot of different methods, styles, and techniques related to braiding a horse's tail. As part of the "BioMane How To Series," we are excited to share with you 8 of our best tips for properly braiding your horse's tail.

1. Wash Your Horse's Tail Prior to Brushing and Braiding

Because you will be keeping your hose's tail protected in your BioMane Tailbag for an extended period of time, it is important that your horse's tail be clean and free of dirt and debris. If your horse's tail is dirty, saturated and/or full of debris, we highly recommend washing it. Wash the tail thoroughly and allow to dry completely before moving on to step 2, brushing.

2. Properly Brush Your Horse's Tail

If you want to have a good braid for your horse's tail, you need to take the time to properly brush your horse's tail beforehand. We recommend using a fairly stiff-bristled nylon or boar hair brush. Show our BioMane Mane and Tail Brush here! For further instruction about tail brushing, read "How to Properly Brush Your Horse's Tail." 

3. Begin Braiding Just Below Your Horse's Tailbone

Find the end of your horse's tailbone. Please note: use caution when working behind your horse, especially when finding the tailbone -- many horses become uneasy when the tailbone is touched. Using a standard "three-strand braid," begin braiding just 1-2 inches below the tailbone. 

4. Loosely Braid the First 4 to 5 Braids

It is very important that you make sure your first four to five braids are not braided too tight. Braiding tightly too close to the tailbone will put a lot of tension on it. This can cause irritation to your horse's tail and enhance your horse's tendency to rub its tail. When the first few braids on your horse's tail are too tight, it is common for the horse to begin rubbing his or her tail out from the top of the tail. None of us want that to happen!

5. Make the Rest of Your Braids Clean and Tight

After loosely braiding the first four to five braids, begin braiding the rest of the tail in tight, clean braids. Keep each piece of your braid straight and separate from the others. Remember, although you will be storing your horses tail in a BioMane Tailbag, dust and dirt may still find its way to your horse's tail. The tighter your braids are, the harder it will be for that dust and dirt to work its way into your horse's tail. Further, tight braids will help protect your horse's tail from damage that can occur from swishing. 

6. Pull Your Brush Out When Hair Gets Stubborn

If you encounter tangles, poofs, or snarls as you braid, don't just braid through these. Pause braiding, pull out a brush, and work through them. This will go a long way in keeping your horse's tail untangled and healthy, and it will protect your horse's tail from breakage when inside the BioMane Tailbag.

7. Use a Standard Hair Tie or Black Electrical Tape to Secure Your Braid

We strongly recommend using a standard hair tie or black electrical tape to secure the braid on your horse's tail. We discourage the use of other types of tape. Electrical tape is stretchy and pliable, and it will allow you to get a tight, secure hold on the end of your braid. Additionally, this kind of tape won't leave excess gunk on your horse's tail. 

We strongly discourage using thin rubber bands to store your horse's tail for an extended period of time. These bands work great for shows, jackpots, competitions, etc., but they have a tendency to break through the ends of your horse's tail if left in for a long time. 

8. Attach a BioMane Tailbag to Your Horse's Tail 

Last, but definitely not least, we recommend storing your horse's freshly braided tail in a BioMane Tailbag. These tailbags are a great price and work wonders protecting your horse's tail from weathering, breakage, or damage. They feature a double velcro strap that keeps the tailbag in its proper position. BioMane Tailbags are available to be purchased through the BioMane Store

As experts in equine hair nutrition, we take it upon ourselves to provide legitimate equine hair care instruction for BioMane users and horse owners around the world. Use these tips next time you braid your horse's tail. Click here for more tips, tricks, and insights into properly caring for your horse. Watch the video:

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