How To Attach Your BioMane® Tailbag

How To Attach Your BioMane® Tailbag

(Video Available at Bottom of Page) BioMane Tailbags can be an invaluable assets for protecting your horse's tail. If you're feeding your horse BioMane Equine Pellets, it's likely that you are seeing exceptional improvements in your horse's mane, coat, and tail. However, why invest in BioMane Equine Pellets to grow a longer and fuller tail, if you aren't taking the necessary steps to protect it?

Your horse's tail can be damaged by a variety of things. Constant swishing, snagging, and weathering all contribute to the damage, breakage, and thinning that your horse's tail may encounter. BioMane Tailbags are built from durable, long-lasting materials to help protect your horse's long, luscious tail. They are secured by two velcro straps that keep the tailbag in its proper position. Here is how we recommend you attach your BioMane Tailbag:

1. Don't Attach Your BioMane Tailbag Too Low

One of the most important purposes of the BioMane Tailbag is to keep your horse's tail up and off of the ground. Doing so will help keep your horse's tail safe from dust, dirt, and debris. It's not uncommon for us to see tailbag users attach the tailbag too low on their horses' tails. This can cause issues. If your horse steps on its tailbag, they can cause damage to the tailbag or the tail itself. The principle: attach the tailbag so that it is as far off of the ground as possible. 

2. Find Your Horse's Tailbone

In a recent video, we discussed 8 Tips For Properly Braiding Your Horse's Tail. In the video, we stress the importance of beginning your tail braid just below your horse's tailbone. After you have properly braided and conditioned your horse's tail, relocate the tailbone and remember it as a point of reference. You will soon attach your BioMane Tailbag just below this spot.

3. Slide the BioMane Tailbag Over Your Horse's Tail

If you haven't done so already, remove your BioMane Tailbag from its packaging and undo the double-velcro strap. Hold the tailbag up to your horse's tail. If it appears that your horse's tail is too long for the tailbag, simply fold the bottom of the tail so that your horse's entire tail will fit within the tailbag. Slide your horse's tail into the tailbag until it reaches about two inches below your horse's tailbone. Position the tailbag so that the words "" face away from your horse. 

4. Secure the Double-Velcro Strap

From your horse's tailbone, go down two to three inches to the top of your tail braid. Separate the tail into two sections, and bring the velcro strap on the back of the tailbag through the small space between the two sections you just separated and secure it to the front of the tailbag. Finally, take the other velcro strap and fasten it over the top of the strap you just attached. That's it! You're done attaching your BioMane Tailbag!

As we have previously mentioned in the BioMane How To Series, BioMane Products is committed to helping our users achieve optimum equine mane and tail growth. Our BioMane Tailbags are specifically designed to protect your horse's tail from damage and protect your investment in BioMane Equine Pellets. CLICK HERE to order your BioMane Tailbag today.

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