How To Keep Your Horse's Coat Healthy and Shiny

How To Keep Your Horse's Coat Healthy and Shiny

Your horse's coat goes through a lot. Let's talk about the factors that can help keep the coat healthy and shiny.

Proper Nutrition

First, you're feeding BioMane Equine Pellets (obviously). That horse is getting all of the nutrients it needs to get that beautiful mane, tail, and coat! Luckily, with BioMane, you've got the nutrition covered. BioMane Equine Pellets are proven to improve coat health and shine in under 30 days of feeding the product.

Proper Shelter

Another key factor is shade. Sun damage can be extremely brutal on coats making it crucial for horses to be shaded. It's hot, the sun is out all day every day, so if you can, keep them under cover or give them an option to find cover. Help protect the coat from getting dried out or risking a sunburn.

Proper Cover

If shade is not an option, we recommend using a fly sheet that is UV protectant. When choosing a fly sheet, make sure that fly sheet fits your horse correctly. If it doesn't, you're going to get rubbing in the shoulders and withers that may cause a section of the hair to fall out. If the fly sheet is too short, you're going to cause irritation to the hind end of the horse and cause them to rub.  All in all, just make sure that you give your horses the proper nutrition, protect their coat from the sun, and make them more comfortable! The more comfortable your horse is, the less risk you have of them rubbing and damaging that healthy coat! Watch the video:
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This is the best set of videos I’ve ever scene on mail and tail care. Very very helpful. Thank you.

Renee Jones

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