How to Properly Brush Your Horse’s Mane

How to Properly Brush Your Horse’s Mane

(Video Available at Bottom of Page) If you feed your horse BioMane Equine Pellets, you are probably already seeing significant growth in your horse's mane and tail. While a longer, fuller, and more beautiful mane and tail will make any horse owner proud, they don't come without increased maintenance and care.

 Using the proper brush when you care for your horse's mane is absolutely essential. That's why we just recently released our expertly designed BioMane Mane and Tail Brush.  Equally as important as using the proper brush is using the proper technique. Some BioMane users may not see the results that they are expecting from feeding BioMane Equine Pellets because an improper brushing technique is literally ripping out the very mane and tail they are trying to get to grow longer and fuller. While long, thick, and healthy manes take additional love and maintenance, they sure look incredible, and they are worth it. Here is some advice for properly brushing your horse's mane the BioMane way:

1. Get Out Any of the Big Knots and Snarls

Before you begin brushing, make sure your horse's mane is free of any big knots or snarls that may have occurred since you last brushed or braided. Use your hands to undo these, and straighten your horse's mane out to prepare it for brushing.  

2. Spray a Detangler of Your Choice

We strongly recommend using a detangler prior to brushing. We recommend using a bottle that has an adjustable spray nozzle. This will allow you to adjust the mist level for spraying the detangler onto your horse's mane. Use a fine mist to coat the mane with detangler. While you should thoroughly cover the mane with detangler, avoid saturating or soaking your horse's mane. This will make it much harder to get a consistent brushing.

3. Pull Out Your BioMane Mane & Tail Brush

As experts in equine hair nutrition, we noticed that there was not a mane and tail brush on the market that we would feel comfortable using on our own horses. We set out to develop our own brush that loves your horse's mane and tail as much as you do. We strongly recommend using the BioMane Mane & Tail Brush. Every order of BioMane Equine Pellets in the month of May comes with a FREE BioMane Mane & Tail Brush. Visit for more information. 

4. Start at the Ends of the Hairs

It's important to remember that if you're not using the proper brush or technique, you are likely doing more damage than good to your horse's mane.  Many snarls and knots can occur, especially in the upper part of your horse's mane. If you were to start brushing at the top of the mane, you would drag your brush through all of those knots, pulling those knots through and damaging the entire length of the mane. When you encounter knots, put the brush down and work out these knots with your hands.

Start at the bottom of the mane and brush the ends of the hair. After your BioMane Brush can smoothly glide through the ends, start working your way up in 6-8 inch increments. Brush in a downward motion towards the ends of the mane. This process may seem tedious, but it will go a long way in protecting your horse's mane.

5. Work Your Way Up

As you are brushing through the mane, slowly continue working your way up in 6-8 inch increments. Please remember that if you encounter knots or snarls in your horse's mane, do NOT brush through them. Set the brush down, and work through these with your fingers. Continue brushing in this manner all the way through the mane.

Did we mention that you should NOT brush through knots and snarls? Well don't! Use your hands to gently work these out of the mane.

6. Separate the Top of the Mane into Sections

The closer you get to the top of the mane, the thicker the hair will get. When this begins to happen, it may be helpful to separate the mane into sections - similar to how you would before braiding. Brush your way through these sections, being careful not to pull your brush through any major knots or snarls. Once you have a section done, separate into another section and repeat.  

7. Brush From Underneath the Mane

If your horse has a very thick mane, you may want to also brush from underneath the mane. You may find that you didn't encounter many knots while brushing from the top, but when you brush from underneath you encounter many knots. If you do, separate the mane into even smaller sections and brush through them individually. Remember, fix the knots and snarls with your hands, not your brush. We like to say that proper equine hair care may start with nutrition, but it definitely includes a little brushing and a lot of love. We have more helpful tips on proper mane care coming your way, so stay tuned! If you haven't already, head over to and order any supply of BioMane Equine Pellets. When you do, we'll include a free BioMane Mane & Tail Brush with your order.  (CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE BIOMANE MANE & TAIL BRUSH)

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