How to Protect Manes and Tails During the Winter

How to Protect Manes and Tails During the Winter

No matter where you live, winter can be hard on your horses. The cold temperatures, nasty weather, and gloomy skies can be real mood killers from late November to early March. Plus, keeping your horse looking presentable is nearly impossible. Protecting the mane and tail during the winter is especially a challenge. Lower temperatures mean less washing and colder fingers. However, proper maintenance is essential for making sure that your horse's long mane and tail survives the dreary winter.

Even in Southern Utah, its often too cold to wash the BioMane Herd during the winter. You should NOT wash your horse if the weather is too cold. Horses take a long time to dry off, and many horses can get quite sick during the winter if they are left wet or damp in the cold. Because you likely can't wash frequently, your horse's mane and tail can quickly turn into a tangled mess. So how can you best care for your horse's mane and tail during the winter? The answer is simple.

Redo Braids More Frequently

If you want to protect your horse's mane and tail during the winter, you need to redo your braids more frequently - much more frequently. We know what you're thinking, "My horse's mane and tail is so long and luscious from feeding BioMane Equine Pellets that it takes so long to braid." You're right. Braiding can be time consuming and a labor of love, but its worth it. So, don't be lazy! If you want to keep that mane and tail long, healthy, and gorgeous, you're going to have to put in the time.

What do we mean when we say "redo the braids more frequently"? We mean 1. take your BioMane Tailbag off, 2. take the braids out, 3. brush the mane and tail out, 4. re-braid the mane and tail, 5. apply your conditioner, and 6. reattach your Tailbag.  The more frequently you do this, the better condition your horse's mane and tail is going be in. When you leave the braids and tailbag in too long, snarls and knots form and become unmanageable, leaving you no choice but to wash the hair in order to preserve it. Don't let it get to that point - just re-braid more frequently! You shouldn't be spending time washing anyways, so use that time to braid and re-braid more frequently. 

Many people think that the more often you brush your horse's mane and tail the more damage you will cause to them. This isn't necessarily true, especially when you use the BioMane Technique and the BioMane Mane and Tail Brush. When you follow our videos on how to brush, how to braid, and how to condition your horse's mane and tail, you will quickly see the benefit of repeating these tasks often. So BioMane Family, let's not let the winter ruin our horses' manes and tails. Let's get through this winter with long manes, healthy tails, and beautiful coats, so we can look our best come spring. All it takes is a little nutrition and a whole lot of love.

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