How To Secure Braids With Electrical Tape

How To Secure Braids With Electrical Tape

We get asked a lot how we apply electrical tape to the ends of our braids instead of using rubber bands or hair ties. In fact, dare I say this just may be one of the most highly requested how to's. So buckle up, this one's a good one.  Lets first start by explaining why we use electrical tape instead of rubber bands on our horse's hair. It's no surprise that you need to put those little, itty bitty rubber bands in tight to keep them from falling out. Overtime, those bad boys are cutting through hair and causing a whole lot of breakage. It's a bummer if you spend all this time and money growing a gorgeous mane and tail to only have it damaged and thinned out every time you braid. Let's all throw away the rubber bands and follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Follow the BioMane Mane and Tail Braiding Techniques

We don't like the braids to get too thin at the bottom because then your electrical tape really isn't going to stay in, no matter how tightly you secure it. However, you also don't want to leave too much hair unbraided at the end of the braid. That unbraided hair will be susceptible to getting knotted, caught on something, and ripped out. To help keep the braids from getting mangled, prevent breakage, and better protect the hair we recommend re-braiding every 7-10 days. To see how we braid the mane and tail, check out The BioMane How To Series.  

Step 2: Place the Electrical Tape at the End of the Braid 

We like to place the tape across the last couple of crosses in the braid to give the tape more hold. Fold the tape over, so it's gone around the bottom of the braid one time, and pinch it tightly so that it will adhere to itself. Go around the braid one more time and pinch again. You'll notice the electrical tape has adhered to itself and you can really pull tight on the tape. 

Step 3: Pull Tight, Wrap It

Now you're just going to pull the tape tightly and wrap it. Repeat this 3-4 times, pulling the tape tightly each time we go around the braid. One of the main benefits of using electrical tape is you can really pull tight on the tape without it cutting through the hair. Unlike rubber bands, electrical tape has so much stretch to tightly secure the braids without breaking the hair. 

Step 4: Pinch and Pull

Pinch the braid where it's taped with one hand, hold the tape tightly with your other hand where it comes out of the roll, and pull! It'll tear and leave behind a small tail of electrical tape. Fold the tail around the braid, smooth it out, and seal it up to keep debris from getting under the tape.  There are a few factors that could prevent the tape from sticking well. Wrapping the tape too loose will keep it from securing tightly. Make sure you're really pulling on the tape to make it tight as you wrap it around the braid. You're not going to cut through the hair, that's why we recommend electrical tape! Make sure the braid is free of detangler and conditioner. If the hair is too slick the tape will not stay in. Essentially we want the tape to adhere to the hair that it's touching.  In the hot summer months, if you take the tape off and it leaves a gunky mess, you're leaving the braids in too long. I've done it. You've done it. We've all done it. It happens, and it's really not a big deal! If you come across a little bit of adhesive gunk, wash it out (it's not going to harm the hair), and next time don't leave the braids in so long.  Reading how we do it is one thing, but watching how we do it is another. Check out the video: 
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At what length would you start braiding a mane? My colts is at 6” length, I’ve braided it before but obviously it’s still short, should I wait for it to grow more or just start braiding now?


Great tips , thank you

Stephen Manger

my mare has strugled with hair loss for the past 4 years of owning her an shes becoming more active in the work she dose . I just joined the biomane club an really hopping this would help her would you have any other treatments or ways that you think could help her mane an tail grow in thicker an longer ?

julia browning

How do you remove the tape when you are ready? How long can you leave it taped without causing damage? Thank you!

Janet Burkeland

Hello i was wondering can you band a mane for a western pleasure horse show using electrical tape


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