2 Reasons Why BioMane is Different (and better)

2 Reasons Why BioMane is Different (and better)

There are countless mane, tail, coat, and hoof products on the market. Shampoos, conditioners, and other topical treatments claim to accelerate mane and tail growth but often yield empty results. While such products can help maintain hair health, they do not vitalize or stimulate actual hair growth.  Yes, nutrients such as biotin are a step in the right direction. However, they are not enough! They are simply ingredients for proper hair nutrition, not remedies.

At BioMane Products, we believe that your horses deserve to look good. You have invested a lot of time and money into your horses, and you value them more than anything else. Why not help them look their best? That's why we formulated BioMane Equine Pellets and are now taking a new approach to equine hair care and nutrition. Here are two ways in which BioMane is different:

BioMane is NOT a topical treatment.

BioMane is a nutritional supplement that comes in pellet form. Simply feed one scoop, per horse, per day. That's it. That is one of the beauties of BioMane! Many mane and tail growth products are a pain to apply, and they smell awful. Not to mention that many of these topical remedies can have adverse side effects, often leaving you with nothing but smelly hands and a stinky horse. The belief that rubbing something on your horse's manes will make its hair grow seems ludicrous to us here at BioMane. However, many people have seen improvements using "topicals." That being said, BioMane is still easier to use, and it solves the problem at its core: the nutrition of the animal and its hair. 

BioMane takes a more holistic approach.

If your horse's mane and tail were made up of only one nutrient, simply feeding your horse that one nutrient might be enough to make them grow (such as plain old biotin). Sure, these nutrients are important, and they can help. Still, BioMane believes that your horse's hair demands more sophisticated nutrition.

The hair on your horse is made up of a lot more than just one thing. It's much more complex. While BioMane does contain many well-known mane, tail, coat, and hoof nutrients, we take a more holistic approach to accelerating hair growth and optimizing hair health. For example, we also focus on the amino acids, the building blocks, that naturally help your horse's hair grow. All of the ingredients and their amounts found in BioMane Equine Pellets have been carefully studied and formulated by professional equine nutritionists. That's why BioMane works better than other topical remedies that claim to accelerate mane and tail growth, but often fail to deliver results. Plus, we put BioMane in pellet form, so it's simpler for you to feed and easier for your horse to eat.

BioMane is committed to supporting each of our users while they try to grow longer, healthier, and fuller manes and tails. We are taking a smarter and different approach when it comes to equine hair care and nutrition.  Is it time for you to take a smarter approach as well? (CLICK HERE to shop the BioMane Store)

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