3 Reasons to Try the New BioMane Mane & Tail Brush

3 Reasons to Try the New BioMane Mane & Tail Brush

(Video Available at Bottom of Page) The new BioMane Mane & Tail Brush is the best brush you can buy for your horse's mane and tail. We feel completely confident saying that. If you've seen any of our videos from the BioMane How To Series, you know that our brush is the only brush we trust on our horses' manes and tails. After months and months of BioMane users asking to try our brush, we are excited to announce that it is now available on BioMane.com for purchase!

While there is a plethora of so-called "mane and tail" brushes available at your local tack or feed store, there are some distinct features that make the BioMane Mane & Tail Brush healthier for your horse's mane and tail. In a later article, we'll discuss the issues we have with some of these more popular brushes. For now, we want to share with you 3 reasons why you should try the new BioMane Mane & Tail Brush:

1. Longer, Thicker, and Fuller Manes and Tails

One of the most distinct features of the BioMane Mane & Tail Brush is its bristles. If you've seen a picture or video of our brush in action, you've probably noticed that it has a lot more bristles than you might see in a traditional mane and tail brush. Our bristles were designed by our experts in equine mane and tail growth. With the optimal quantity of bristles and the right amount of nylon stiffness, the BioMane Mane & Tail Brush was designed to separate each individual hair of your horse's mane and tail. 

By separating each strand of hair when you brush, you will notice a thicker and fuller mane and tail. Gorgeous manes and tails require a significant amount of nutrition and maintenance, so why not show them off? The BioMane Mane & Tail Brush is meant to make each one of your horse's beautiful locks look like a million bucks. 

2. Less Damage and Breakage

We've said it before, but why would you invest money in feeding your horse BioMane to grow a longer, fuller mane and tail if you're not going to care for it properly. Occasionally, BioMane customers don't quite see the results they were expecting from feeding their horse BioMane Equine Pellets because they haven't been using the right brush or the proper technique. Often, they are quite literally ripping out their horse's mane and tail growth each time they brush.

The new BioMane Mane & Tail Brush is designed to cause minimal damage and breakage to your horse's mane and tail. As we have mentioned already, the bristles in our new brush are the optimal quantity and the perfect stiffness. Contrary to many brushes available for sale today, our brush won't bully through knots and snarls and break through your horse's hair.  Our brush is designed to get the job done, while being sensitive enough to help you feel when you encounter a knot. With the proper technique, you should have no issues avoiding causing breakage or damage to your horse's mane and tail when using the BioMane Mane & Tail Brush.

3. Expert Instruction

When you receive your BioMane Mane & Tail Brush in the mail, you'll notice it comes with a card insert explaining the brush. Also included on this card is instruction on how to properly use the brush. We've been growing beautiful manes and tails for a long time, and we are confident that you will find the greatest success using the BioMane Brush and the BioMane Technique.

Have you been watching the BioMane How To Series? If not, you should do so. The BioMane How To Series is a series of articles and videos in which we share with you some of our best tips on proper equine hair care. Click here to check out the How To Series. We are confident that our new BioMane Mane & Tail Brush is the best brush you can use if you want to help your horse's mane and tail grow longer, thicker, and fuller. In addition to making your horse's mane and tail look better, you will cause less damage and breakage to your horse's hair as you use our new brush.

Team BioMane is all about gorgeous manes and tails. Our new BioMane Mane & Tail Brush, along with our expert advice, is intended to help you and your horse reach your mane and tail goals.  Watch the video:

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