4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A BioMane Tailbag

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A BioMane Tailbag

(Video Available at Bottom of Page) If you're feeding your horse BioMane Equine Pellets, you're more than likely seeing some incredible growth in your horse's mane and tail. Our BioMane Equine Pellets are designed to make your horse look great by increasing the growth, thickness, and health of your horse's mane and tail. However, your horse's tail can go through a beating as your horse swishes its tail, interacts with other horses, and is exposed to the elements. It could use some extra protection.

Why spend the money to invest in BioMane Equine Pellets if you're not going to properly protect your horse's tail? BioMane Tailbags are a great asset for protecting your horse's longer and fuller tail and for protecting your investment in BioMane Products. We want to share with you our 4 reasons why you should buy a BioMane Tailbag for your horse's tail.

1. The Perfect Length for Any Horse's Tail

One of the main purposes of the BioMane Tailbag is to keep your horse's tail off the ground and out of the dirt. BioMane Tailbags are designed to be attached just below your horse's tailbone. By attaching the tailbag at this point, you'll avoid irritating your horse, and you'll maximize the protection of the tail. Have a horse with a lusciously long tail? No problem! Simply fold the bottom of your horse's tail braid and slide the entire tail into the tailbag. For more tips on how to attach your BioMane Tailbag, click here. 

2. A Lightweight and Durable Material

BioMane Tailbags were designed with your horse's comfort in mind. A big reason why many horses have a tendency to rub their tails is irritation that occurs on the tailbone or the top of the tail. Our tailbags are made of lightweight and durable material. This minimizes the stress on your horse's tail and keeps the tailbag in good condition to maximize protection. Your horse's tail is constantly moving throughout the day. Our durable material allows the BioMane Tailbag to withstand the swishing, weather, and elements that threaten it.

3. Tassels That Fight Off Flies

As you know, horses rely on their tails to fight off flies and insects, especially in the spring and summertime. To mimic the function of an actual horse tail, the BioMane Tailbag is equipped with long tassels at the end of it. These tassels allow your horse to continue using its tail as a natural fly swatter!  

4. High Quality Embroidery

We chose to embroider BioMane.com on each of our tailbags. Why? Because it looks good! In the past, our tailbags have featured a screen-printed BioMane.com. However, we learned that the screen-print would eventually crack and wear off. The BioMane Tailbag is now professionally embroidered, so that your tailbag always looks great. Even better, people will know exactly where you bought your good-looking tailbag from.

In conclusion, BioMane Tailbags make a great companion to BioMane Equine Pellets. They're an optimal length, they're made of strong and lightweight material, they help your horse fight off flies, and they look great. As experts in equine mane and tail growth, we strongly recommend purchasing and using a BioMane Tailbag to keep your horse's tail safe. CLICK HERE to Order Your BioMane Tailbag Watch the video:

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