5 Brushes That Ruin Manes and Tails

5 Brushes That Ruin Manes and Tails

Using the proper brush when brushing your horse’s mane and tail makes a huge difference in their overall look and health. Sometimes, BioMane users and other horse owners don’t see the mane and tail growth they want to, simply because they’re using the wrong tool. Luckily, switching your brush is a simple fix! We’ve shared our secret to growing beautiful, long, and luscious manes and tails: feed BioMane Equine Pellets, brush with the proper technique, and use the correct brush. We stopped by our local feed store to check out what brushes they offered that were labeled as a “mane and tail brush.” This is where horse owners have to be careful. A brush may be labeled as a mane and tail brush, but it may not be a good brush to use. Shocking, we know! If you haven’t already started using our BioMane Mane and Tail Brush, we want to make sure you NEVER use one of these 5 brushes on your horse’s mane or tail again

1. Short Bristle Metal Comb

The metal bristles that make up this comb allow no give. Now, we understand different disciplines do mane pulling and this or that. That being said, this brush is not going to help you achieve the long, healthy mane and tail you’re looking for. This brush will break mane and tear out hair when used to comb through a snarled mane or tail. 

2. Hard & Stiff Plastic Bristle Comb

Similar to the previous brush, if you encounter any knots, this brush is going to bully through and break hair. There’s no forgiveness in these stiff plastic bristles! A lot of people wonder why their horses’ manes and tails aren’t growing even while they are feeding BioMane Equine Pellets. Often times, it’s from using brushes similar to these. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and probably again, and again) -- there is no point in feeding BioMane to grow longer, fuller manes and tails if the maintenance you’re doing on those manes and tails is done with these damaging tools. Steer clear of stiff bristled combs!

3. Plastic Brush

This brush has more bristles than the previous brushes, but they’re still solid bristles. You’ll be able to separate a lot of hairs, but there’s still no give! While it’s likely that you’ll find more snarls using this brush because you’ll be separating more hairs, brushing through these knots with a brush that has little give will do serious damage to your horse’s mane and tail

4. The Weapon

This one speaks for itself. With its extra long, thick, and stiff plastic bristles, there’s really no telling what kind of damage this brush could do to your horse’s mane and tail! We’re not entirely sure why somebody thought adding additional length to an already stiff bristle would be a good idea, but we call this brush “the weapon”  for a reason! The additional length adds an unnecessary strength to the brush that will rip right through snarls and knots and tear out your horse’s hair.

5. The Paddle Brush

This brush is very common in the female beauty industry. Just because pretty women are using this brush on their hair, it doesn’t mean pretty horse’s should! The bristles on this brush are softer than any of the previously mentioned brushes, but there are tiny plastic beads on the end of them. If you encounter knots, these little beads are going to hook onto the knots and bully through them, ripping out your horse’s beautiful mane and tail. Here’s a good rule to brush by: if you’re brushing through your horse’s mane and tail and you can hear the brush encountering knots, you’re damaging hair! Even if you’re using the proper technique -- starting from the bottom and working your way up -- you still need to use the proper brush. Fear not! BioMane’s got your back with the BioMane Mane and Tail brush. This brush won’t rip through snarls and knots, and it is the only brush we recommend using. If you want to grow a longer, thicker, and healthier mane and tail on your horse, you need the right tools. Learn more about what makes our brush different by reading our “3 Reasons to Try the New BioMane Mane & Tail Brush.” Watch Cole explain why these brushes will harm your horse's mane and tail:
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