BioMane #2MinDrill

Join the #2MinDrill

We’ve been looking for a way to reward our most loyal followers and fans of BioMane! The #2MinDrill is how we can give you more BioMane goodness for being part of this awesome community.

How the #2MinDrill Works

You have a chance to win something awesome every time BioMane posts on Instagram. Giveaway prizes include everything from BioMane Swag to random crap we think you’ll love. For a chance to win, just like and leave a thoughtful comment with #2MinDrill on our latest Instagram post within the first 2 minutes it’s posted. We will be selecting #2MinDrill winners and shipping prizes every single day, so don't miss out.

How Can I Win?

If you want a chance to win the BioMane #2MinDrill you have to like and comment on BioMane’s latest Instagram posts within the first 2 minutes we post it. So here’s what to do:

1. Go to @biomaneproducts on Instagram

Get Free BioMane Stuff

2. Tap the … in the top right corner

Get Free BioMane Stuff

3. Tap “Turn on Post Notifications”

Get Free BioMane Stuff

All done. Now you’ll be notified every time we post! Next time you get that alert of a new @biomaneproducts post, like it and leave a thoughtful comment including #2MinDrill!

Let’s have some fun.