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Longer manes,
fuller tails,
healthier coats

A scoop a day gives your horse the nutrition it needs to support mane & tail growth and overall hair health.


Premium Equine Nutrition

Support Equine Hair Growth

BioMane Equine Pellets provide the hair nutrition your horses need to look their absolute best. Just one scoop a day supports accelerated mane & tail growth and overall hair health.

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BioMane Equine Pellets

Give your horses the nutrition they need to look their absolute best.

What our customers say

Brianna K.

In just under 60 days I have seen a change in the thickness and growth in my horses mane and tail!


So far this supplement has really helped my mare grow her tail and make her coat look shiny and healthy.


60 days on BioMane. I am a believer this does work. My mare's tail grew 7". Love this product.


One of my horses has the hardest time holding onto his mane through winter! Due to rubbing, a section of his mane has been totally gone, and the rest of it damaged. I have tried so many different methods to fix this problem, and nothing has worked. Until I tried one month supply of Biomane pellets. I’m finally seeing growth in his mane and major improvement with the rubbing! As an added bonus, he coat and tail are way healthier, and he loves it! 

Maura C.

Definitely impressed on how well this product has worked so far. My mares mane was pretty long to begin with and then when I started first riding her it somehow got a little shorter. She’s currently healing up from an injury and I thought what better time to utilize the Biomane product than while she is healing. I had already noticed a difference in the length of her tail before the 30 day period, even though my friend had said it takes 60 days to get into their system. I’ve been using the tail bag and feeding her single scoop faithfully in hopes of when I can ride her again that she’ll have a flowing mane and tail


My horse tore up his tail last year. I was put on this product from a friend so I gave it a try. It has worked wonders with his whole appearance his tail and maine have thickened , his tail has grown I couldn't be more happy with using Biomaine


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