Get Started with BioMane®

Get Started with BioMane®

Three Simple Steps for Better Looking Horses


Feed one full scoop of BioMane Equine Pellets once a day with our provided scoop.


Use your BioMane tools and to care for your horse's hair properly.


Measure your horse's progress every 30 days and track it in your BioMane Growth Log.

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Step 1: Nourish

Proper Equine Hair Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for longer manes, fuller tails, and healthier coats. BioMane Equine Pellets provide the nutrients your horses need to look their best.

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Step 2: Maintain

Proper Equine Hair Maintenance

You'll need the right tools and the right technique to properly care for your horses' manes and tails. Click here for tips.

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Step 3: Measure

Proper Equine Hair Measurement

Growing longer manes and tails is a process. In order to make sure your horses are making progress, you need to measure them properly.

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Start Feeding BioMane® Today

Everything you need to grow longer manes and tails - delivered right to your door.