Who is your #ManeLove?

February is the month of love and we want to show our love to you guys in a special way! This month we are launching our new BioMane Loyalty Program! You can now earn redeemable points with every purchase on our BioMane app or at Learn more at

In every order this month, you will receive a #ManeLove coloring sheet. On the sheet is a spot for you to write down who your #ManeLove is and color in what your horse looks like!

Want 200 points right away? Do the following:

  1. Color your #ManeLove sign
  2. Take a picture of your completed sign with your horse
  3. Share it on Instagram or TikTok using #ManeLove Selected winners will receive 800 loyalty points ($40)!
  4. Message us and let us know you shared!

ALSO: we are giving 28 people an extra 800 loyalty points ($40). We will be selecting a new winner every. single. day. from the people who enter.

So brush the dust off of those crayons and colored pencils and let’s get artsy this month!
#ManeLove #BioMane