Who is your #ManeLove?

February is the month of love and we want to show our love to you guys in a special way!

We made this years ManeLove Giveaway a little more simple by creating an Instagram/Facebook filter instead of the ManeLove sign from previous years!

By using this filter and sharing it to your social media pages, you will receive a $5 coupon code to and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a year supply of BioMane Equine Pellets, a BioMane Grooming Kit, and a BioMane Tool Kit!

To enter this giveaway:

Click on the links provided below to access the #ManeLove filter. From there, use the filter to take a picture/video with you and your horse to show who your “ManeLove” is this year.

Once that step is completed, share it to your story and DM us on Facebook or Instagram the photo/video along with your email and we’ll send you a $5 coupon code to

By completing the steps above, you’ll automatically be entered to win the final grand prize!

Facebook Filter Link:

Instagram Filter Link:

#ManeLove #BioMane