Will a BioMane Tailbag fit on my horses tail?

Will a BioMane Tailbag fit on my horses tail?

There are many features that we love about our tailbag!

If you've wondered if our tailbag is right for your horse, here's are a few important things to consider:

1. Tailbag Length = Works on Most Horses: The standard sized BioMane tailbag is meant to be attached just below the tailbone and the tailbag is long enough that It keeps tails off the ground for most regular sized horses of the horses, but not for ponies.

1a. For Ponies and Minis: Use our mini sized tailbag

2. Really Long Tails: If you’re worried about your horse’s tail dragging because it’s longer and hits the ground, our tailbag still works great for you! Many of our horses have tails that drag, so we recommend putting on the tailbag as you normally would, and fold the extra hair up and then feed the tail into the tailbag. This shouldn’t bother your horse at all.

Long story short, if you have a horse, and if your horse has a tail, our standard tailbag or mini tailbag will work great for you no matter how long that tail is. 

Watch how we put long tails in our tailbag here
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